Why do so many people throughout the Doylestown area come to us exclusively for all their dental care needs? Some of them say it's because they experience excellent patient care. Some tell us it's because we treat them like family.

Some come because we use advanced technologies like CBCT/Computer Guided Dental implant placement technology and CAD/CAM tooth restorations to achieve the best possible results, reduce discomfort, and minimize their number of visits.

Welcome to Peace Valley Dentistry

Others say our comfortable, relaxing environment helps take the stress out of visits to the dentist. Other reasons they cite include our highly regarded doctors, the way we manage pain, and our comprehensive range of services.

Their reasons vary, but there's one thing they have in common. Once they try us, they come back. They tell others about us too, which is why more than 80% of our new patients are referred by friends and family.

Whether you're in need of reconstructive work, cosmetic touch-ups, or routine maintenance, contact us today to see how we can help ensure that you have a beautiful, healthy smile.

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Dr. Amir Barati, Dr. Agata Barati, and Dr. Farshid Sanavi are proud to serve Doylestown and the surrounding area.